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In Memory

Philip Theodore (Ted) Gibbs, Jr.

Philip Theodore (Ted) Gibbs, Jr.

Ted's son was an accomplished soccer player and Ted was his biggest fan.  

About1980,Ted established Gibbs Butcher Block, which to this day is a thriving fresh meat and deli store in Columbia Station.

He was a really good guy!

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03/21/17 04:18 PM #1    

David C. Chapman

Ted "the Bear" Gibbs. Such a special man and dear friend. So many smiles together as we grew up--Captains Quarters for paisley shirts English Leather and Canoe cologne riding the bench in JV basketball speedy trips to Cleveland drive in movie double dates pool matches in the basement on Delbank(? right street?) ......etc. Miss you and love ya Gibber- Chapper

03/22/17 11:08 PM #2    

Paulette Gianas (Newman)

My "Home Room  Buddy" ...  By virtue of our last names, Ted sat behind me in every single HR class from 7th-12th grades. One of the saddest post graduation memories for me was the day I learned of his passing ..  As a young adult immersed in my own family's young lives,  I think that was the first time I was reminded that life is precious and fragile. 

03/29/17 07:21 PM #3    

Doug (Mike) Rose

When I arrived in River the summer before junior year, Ted was one of the people that went out of his way to make me feel welcome. He became a good friend and I have thought often of the good times that we had. Favorite memories of him are his laughing uncontrollably at me for almost 'tossing' my cookies when he took me on a tour of the Gibbs Beef plant, his introducing me to 3.2 beer, and his big plan to 'show off' durng senior week.

His 'plan' was to drive down Wager in front of the school, rev his car engine really high, pop the clutch and squeal his tires in front of Mr. Gillespie's window, and then speed down the hill before anyone saw who did it. Great plan until he popped his clutch and promptly dropped his transmission. Thank God we were able to coast to the hill and then down to the bottom.  My turn to laugh uncontrollably. I had to help him cut lawns for a month to pay for repairs. 

03/30/17 09:38 AM #4    

Benjamin Lupica

Ted had sat across from me in English12 with Mr. Edgar Burford and we were together on the the same RRHS intramural volleyball team. Cheered him on as he played RRHS baseball. What a truly great guy! Always positive, enthusiastic and motivated, even when we were assigned our senior English term paper and also to read Hamlet over Chistmas break. I still remember him humorously in the graduation line entering the gymn and tossing his grad cap on that brutally hot day. It was very sad news to hear of his passing. ...Requiescat in pace.

08/22/17 02:18 PM #5    

Roy M. Baker

A great guy from a wonderful family!   Still remember Ted from Little League, Pony League, and Pirate Baseball.  What a great third baseman on the '67 team that made it to the State Regional game at League Park.   I always wished I had lived closer to Ted in RR, since he was so much fun to be around.   

My most vivid memory was playing catch on Ted's front lawn (age 13 or 14) on a hot summer's day. When Ted was called into the house, I thought it would be fun to write my initials with their push mower in the middle of the yard.  Little did I know that this was the trim mower that was set to cut a little closer to the ground.  Ted didn't tell me until we had a Pony League game a week later that my 'RB' made quite the impression on his dad.  Mr. Gibbs casually told me after the game what nice penmanship I had.  He made his point so perfectly..  I have to think that Ted became so much like his father, a family man so admired in the community.

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